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There are some idle machines in my plant. What can I do?
  1. As is obvious, the first option is to sell the unused machines to folks that need them. Yes, many companies need machines! Click here to see some of the leads. What are the benefits?
    1. Firstly, the right machines can command good prices in the used machines market. Afterall, inflation has not spared machine prices and potential buyers are looking to cut their costs. The money received from the sale can be used to invest in your priorities – IT systems, other equipment, staff benefits or working capital etc., as per your situation.
    2. What is not readily seen is the ‘unlocking’ of other resources. More space on the factory floor is a quick result. Maintenance team can focus on more important machines. Peak power load can reduce. Men and material can move quicker, or temporary stocking points can come up. Your production supervisor may have more ideas!
  2. Even if you are not keen on selling, there are other options to add to your profits. If you are waiting for your customer to ramp up their volumes (and it may take a few months), why not use that time to take up a few orders – from clients that do not have your machines. You can look at one time orders or orders for specific months or orders on your full capacity – entirely, what you would prefer and are comfortable working with. Explore some leads here.
    1. This way you get to utilize the machinery and some of the labour force better.
    2. You may get a long-term customer, based on how your situation fits into their priorities.