About us

About us

Vision: To support the manufacturing industry in India

We aim to partner with manufacturing companies (of all sizes and manufacturing activities) – when it comes to machinery and equipment. Given the potential for Indian manufacturing, this is not a small vision.

In the coming months and years, we want to work with all stakeholders in the ecosystem of manufacturing equipment in India. In other words, you can be buyer or seller or dealer or any other supporting intermediary of machinery and equipment, and we are here to help!

What is our plan to achieve our vision?

In the first phase, we plan to become a one-stop destination when it comes to used (pre-owned) machinery. The core idea is to reduce overall costs for the buyer side and maximize value of equipment that is already available with the seller side.

What do we offer?

For companies needing machinery or seeking suitable vendors for outsourcing

  • You can buy used machinery: We help you buy used machinery or equipment as per your requirements on brands, capacity, or machinery types. Our unique and well-organized listing of machinery leads can help you identify your preferred item and then, reach out to the owner via options available on our easy-to-use website.
  • You can outsource manufacturing: With the listing of available machinery on our website, you can find a suitable vendor with the right equipment. This can help you take care of your urgent client situation or plan manufacturing capacity for the long term. For your demanding clients, we try our part to optimize your finances – by outsourcing to the right partner.       

Companies looking to make money from unused machinery or manufacturing capacity

  • You can sell used machinery: We have designed our website to help you highlight unique selling points of your existing/ unused machinery and thereby reach the right party for an outright sale. We, of course, help you fill in machinery details in a structured and industry relevant fashion – so this is much better than newspaper classifieds or their online equivalents!  
  • You can market your manufacturing capacity and seek orders: Our platform captures the relevant aspects of manufacturing capacity you would like to disclose to prospective clients and makes it easy to view. So, you get to maximize the value of investments already made on machinery and equipment.

We are just getting started. We expect to have more features and functionality added on an ongoing basis. Keep visiting us!