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My factory needs machines. Should I consider pre-owned machinery?
  1. Rupee outlineThe most obvious factor - the cheaper purchase cost in comparison to new machinery. Whether it was owned for a few months or actively used for many years, the market value of used machinery is lower. The money saved by opting for pre-owned equipment can be put into other important priorities for your company – production, marketing or supply chain investments! From our side, we have tried to help out here.  
  2. Less obvious, but equally critical – time is money and seeing is believing! New equipment almost always involves a significant lead time before you see it active. Sometimes, many months to move from glossy brochures to your plant floor! How about seeing it in action right away? Get to view the machine and clarify then and there while it’s working. Save time and nasty surprises! Clock outlineChecklist outline


  1. Question Mark with solid fillThought outlineThe future is uncertain for most businesses. Why buy - why not explore more flexible arrangements to access the machine? If the current owner is open, work out an arrangement to use it only during their lean business time? Or your peak business time? One time order?
    • Handshake outlineYou can outsource jobs that aren’t critical for your business to suitable vendors with the right machinery. Your client wants a one stop shop (who doesn’t?) and wants to give you additional products, you’ve not handled before? Well, you can focus resources on your core strengths and rope in the right partner to serve your client. Everyone wins!  Click here for our small effort in simplifying the process.
  2. Sustainability with solid fill The green thing and the right thing to do. Why not re-use, if something compatible exists?